The 9 Commitment Pillars underlines Air and Sea’s corporate culture and value, based on which we believe our work is judged. Its our commitment to our work that makes us the preferred logistics partner of choice in the global market of cargo movement.

With support from our Air & Sea employees, the 9 commitments have been established to support our organizational objectives while guiding our relationships with our customers, subcontractors, partners and the communities in which we operate.

1. Innovative Services

We provide innovative and high quality logistics services that add value to our customers.

2. Unique Solutions

We provide a network of strategically located offices that work as a team to develop unique solutions for our customers.

3. Total Commitment

We act with integrity to deliver total commitment to customer service.

4. Exceed Expectations

We meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

5. Better Communication

We understand that communication at a higher level than our industry benchmarks is the key to our success.

6. Recommended by Trust

We aim to be respected and recommended by building trust through the services we provide.

7. Exceptional Stuff

We employ exceptional staff and develop, coach and empower them to achieve their full potential.

8. Socially Responsible

We adopt socially responsible practices to ensure we have a positive impact in countries in which we operate.

9. Open and Accountable

We offer a rewarding workplace where each employee embraces a culture of open communication and accountability for our customers and colleagues.

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