Stress-Free & Quick Home Relocation with Air & Sea Logistics

Stress-Free & Quick Home Relocation with Air & Sea Logistics

Moving home is a big emotional investment — there are memories, good byes and a lot of hope and certainty about what the new home would hold. Air & Sea Logistics works to take the stress and hassle of the relocation logistics off your mind so that you and your family can focus on making a new home for your memories.

At Air & Sea Logistics, our highly skilled team priorities your needs and time frame to make the big move of your life. We are skilled at safely handling your precious articles as well as the smaller knick-knacks. It does not matter to us where you are currently located and where your new home is located. We have a global network of strategic partners giving you the advantage of a global reach and local flexibility when you choose Home Relocation services from Air & Sea Logistics.

Our logistic solutions are custom tailored and transparent.

We listen, understand and then execute the move with your best interest in mind.

What makes us different?

1. We ensure that moving home becomes a delightful experience for you rather than a daunting one.

At Air & Sea Logistics we have helped many professionals and families move from one home to another. We know that this is an emotional move that can too often turn daunting. There are many decisions to be made — what to carry forward to your new life and what to let go. There is the joy of moving ahead in life, but also the sadness of leaving the old comfort behind. And then there is the task of ensuring that your favourite cutlery and your precious heirlooms, the gift that a loved one gave you, are not damaged in the move. We get it. It can all be daunting. Yet at the same time, it can be delightful. We focus on making it a delightful experience for you.

2. We go out of our way to safely move the valuables you have entrusted us with during the moving process.

Home is where we house most of our valuables. Some have value in the price at which they were bought, while other articles have value because of the emotions attached to them. Yet others are valuable because of how necessary they are to serve your day to day needs. At Air & Sea Logistics we understand all kinds of value that we attach to the various things around our home. And we promise to bring our best foot forward and ensure the safe passage of your valuables — of all things that you hold dear to your heart.

3. We not only pack and move, but our highly experienced and versatile staff will also help you unpack and set up your new home exactly how you want it.

While packing is only half the job done, unpacking is what makes the move complete. Our team is highly experienced and versatile in not just wrapping up your old home, but also to unpack and set up your new home in the way you want. We bring to reality your dream of the new home, of course without any of the stress and hassle. You can relax knowing that you have experts to help you unpack as well.

Our thorough checklist for your consideration

  • Pre-Move Survey
  • Item Organization
  • Personal Items Identification
  • Fragile Item List
  • Packing & Labelling
  • Relocating
  • Unpacking
  • New Home Set-Up

So, are you ready and eager to start your Home Relocation?

Book an appointment now and our home moving team will visit your home for a full site survey and provide you with an estimate for FREE!

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Air & Sea Logistics is socially responsible, open and accountable with unique solutions and innovative services.

We look forward to giving you a hassle-free moving experience to your happy new home.