Air & Sea Logistics: The Best Custom Built Solutions For Your Shipment & Delivery Requirements

Air & Sea Logistics: The Best Custom Built Solutions For Your Shipment & Delivery Requirements

A product alone cannot make a business successful, if the shipment and delivery of the product is compromised. In a competitive business market buzzing with end to end solution providers, we offer the very crucial service of excellence in shipping and delivering the product.

Global Footprint and Local Flexibility

We have a proven track record of successfully carrying high profile shipments across the globe through air, land and sea. Your geography is not a challenge to us. Be it international destinations or remote local addresses, we have proven over and again our diligence in the art and business of on-time and damage-free delivery. At Air & Sea we take pride in our global footprint and local flexibility. We have built a strong strategic network of partners and hubs. This enables us to offer our clients innovative and cost effective solutions.

Custom Tailored Transparent Logistic Solutions

We are not just cargo movers. We partner with you through all the stages of the supply chain life-cycle, to support the operational and financial targets of your business. We count our success in the success of your venture. Our goal is to provide you with transparent logistics solutions that also align with your specific business needs. This becomes a key operational aspect for us at Air & Sea Logistics in building upon the traditional freight forwarder relationship.

Air & Sea Logistics provides you an expansive range of services covering all your needs

Air Freight

Whether you want to ship small crates or large size cargo, Air & Sea Logistics Air cargo division is equipped with the latest software and global network to handle the most challenging moves.

Air & Sea Logistics services in Air Freight:

  • Full Charters
  • Express Services
  • Consolidation & Handling
  • Air Carrier Booking
  • Automobile Freight
  • Awb/Doc Prep
  • Letters Of Credit
  • Freight Insurance

Sea Freight

Once the freight hits the waters we prioritize meeting your stringent deadlines streamlining the export process from origin though destination.

Air & Sea Logistics services in Sea Freight:

  • Fcl / Lcl
  • Roll On-Roll-Off
  • Carrier Booking
  • Global Exports
  • Project Freight
  • Global Networks
  • Importing & Customs
  • Letters Of Credit
  • Freight Insurance

Project Logistics

We assist our clients with every phase of heavy lift and turnkey projects from door to job-site, including — planning, consultations, heavy lift operations, sourcing, consolidations, full and part charters.

Air & Sea Logistics services in Project Logistics:

  • Multi-Modal Transport
  • Special Equipment Transport
  • Rapid Response
  • Administrative Support
  • Customised Solutions
  • In-House Tracking
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Customs Clearance

Home Relocation
Moving homes is not just about the logistics but also about the emotional stress and anxiety of leaving behind a part of your heart. Our highly trained experts are trained to handle the big moves of your life.

Air & Sea Logistics services in Home Relocation:

  • Pre-Move Survey
  • Item Organisation
  • Personal Items Identification
  • Fragile Item List
  • Packing & Labelling
  • Relocating
  • Unpacking
  • New Home Set-Up

Office Relocation

Strategic planning, clean packing & detailed labelling sets us apart from other business packing companies. We understand that the most important part of a business packing service is organisation
so that there is no loss to your life’s work. After hours and weekend packing available.

Air & Sea Logistics services in Office Relocation:

  • Pre-Move Survey
  • Item Organisation
  • Personal Items Identification
  • Fragile Item List
  • Packing & Labelling
  • Relocating
  • Unpacking
  • New Office Set-Up

International Relocation

With Air & Sea Logistics, you have a single point of coordination to make everything run like clockwork. We are a global mobility company capable of orchestrating the entire home to home relocation journey right from planning, organising, packing, moving, international shipping & documentation, insurance, customs clearance and destination logistics.

Air & Sea Logistics services in International Relocation:

  • Move Management
  • Item Inventory And Labelling
  • Container Booking, Loading & Shipping
  • Insurance
  • Customs Clearance
  • Documentation
  • Storage Facility


Land Transport

Air & Sea provides a solution for your road freight, even if it’s awkwardly sized, bulky or parallelised.
We handle all kinds of deliveries including delicate items such as medical and IT equipment, vehicles and restricted goods.

Air & Sea Logistics services in Land Transport:

  • International Freight
  • Express Services
  • Supply Chain Support
  • Retail Distribution
  • Long & Short Haul
  • Sea & Air Connectivity
  • Customs Clearance
  • Freight Insurance

Air and Sea Charters

Our team has mobilised numerous high profile airlifts where time and security were of the utmost importance. We mobilise charter solutions at a moment’s notice. Emergency airlifts are our speciality.

Air & Sea Logistics services in Air/Sea Charters:

  • Full Charters
  • Load Management
  • Consolidation & Handling
  • Air/Vessel Carrier Booking
  • Awb/Doc Prep
  • Letters Of Credit
  • Customs
  • Freight Insurance


Air & Sea Logistics allows you to choose from the flexibility of upgrading or downsizing your storage requirements at any time, saving you the cost on real estate rentals. We also offer storage for online retailers like blogshops and e-commerce websites that need the space to store goods and the flexibility to access them regularly.

Air & Sea Logistics services in Storage:

  • Maximum Flexibility
  • Easy Access
  • Safety & Security
  • 24hr Cctv
  • Packing & Moving
  • Inventory Management
  • Storage Insurance

Why Choose Air & Sea Logistics?
We save our customers time, headaches and money by carefully researching a myriad of options which fit into your company’s logistics plan.

Our Promise:

  • On Time Delivery
  • Personalized Service
  • 100% Satisfaction